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What to do in 2021- Let’s go beyond Resolutions

The year 2020, officially declared “the worst-ever year” by the world-renowned TIME magazine has been a truly unprecedented time. From the brink of nuclear war at the start of the year to the Australian wildfires wreaking havoc across the country to the COVID-19 pandemic changing life as we know it. The world and people all over the world look to put 2020 behind them and move forward into the next year with a fresh perspective and positive outlook.

Here are some ways to ensure how to get the best out of 2021

New Year's resolution tips for 2021: Focus on getting to the end of COVID-19

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Create a roadmap for what lies ahead

While many people are often hesitant about thinking too far ahead into their future, 2020 has shown us how fragile yet valuable life is. When the opportunity presents itself, it is up to us to make the most of it and live life to the maximum. One such part of life is having a clear vision and mission of how to continue progress in life and ensure that one remains on an upward trajectory. A life plan can not only help a person plan ahead for the future but also to ensure they have a truly solid plan that keeps them grounded as well as motivated to continue with their efforts and strive for the best.

Being Genuinely Thankful for everything

Besides continuing to push towards loftier goals and higher ambitions, an excellent way to stay grounded is to take a beat and step back. Once a step is taken and the world is viewed from a fresh perspective, it helps us come to some crucial realizations. One such important realization is to be thankful for everything we have. The air in our lungs, the company of our loved ones, a roof over our head, happy and healthy life, and many others. Most, or rather all of these things are taken completely for granted. The year 2020 has made us realize how important these things are and what value they hold in our lives.

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Living life to the fullest

Another important realization brought about by 2020 is the temporary and flimsy nature of our health and our lives, and how it can all go away in a flash. This means that we humans must learn to well and truly live life to the fullest. Stop delaying any plans. Spend quality with family and friends. Go on adventures. Travel the world. Teach yourself a new skill. Take a risk. Read that book. All the things we have been putting off or not had the guts to try now is the perfect time to start acting on them. Making sure there are zero regrets left in life is an excellent way of knowing if someone has lived a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

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Organize and declutter your life

It’s too easy to leave things messy. It’s too ordinary to be juggling multiple tasks at work. It’s too exhausting to be handling so many things all at once. Decluttering and organizing does not only refer to a person’s living room or their professional life but also everything in general. Making everything easier for yourself is an excellent indication of decluttering. Now is the time to manage, prioritize, organize, and keep driving forward. Whether it’s at work or home, it is essential to develop a system for everything. This ensures a rhythm and fluidity to the way a person functions. Life is wasted if a person remains too bogged down in sorting issues out, mulling over decisions, and holding onto things.

No room for negativity

While the entire year of 2020 brought a huge amount of negativity, bad news, and tragedy to our lives, it’s time to move on from there and push ahead. Negativity needs to be rooted out from every part of a person’s life. Regardless of whether it’s about a toxic and draining relationship, or related to all that self-depreciation during that internal monologue within your head or a rude colleague at work. Life is too short and too precious to be caught up in webs of negativity and bad energy. This is truly a waste of a person’s potential, energy, and time when negativity engulfs them. Being a positive force within your own life can help create a spillover effect and help other people receive a boost as well.

The importance of self-care

This term has been excessively romanticized and exoticized to the point of developing into a cliché. However, at its heart, self-care is important. Regardless of whether it is a major behavioral change or a simple accomplishment. Anything from taking a shower to going for a jog to eating healthier to spending some alone time completing an old hobby. All these, and so many more activities, are excellent examples of self-care, even though they may not seem so. Self- care is not about grand gestures or major overhauls. It’s about the small things, the minor details, and the less noticeable achievements. Spend a day at spa, salon, gym or swimming.

Healthy food and lifestyle can fill up your life with positivity and can even change direction of your thoughts. So focus on yourself first to stay fit and healthy.

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Holding yourself accountable

Self-accountability is an important personality trait to develop. This means that a person must regularly look inside and complete a self-evaluation to go over their actions. Holding yourself accountable means to not only think about action but to also anticipate its possible consequences in advance. In case a person has done something wrong and hurt someone, be the first person to apologize. There is no harm in being the bigger person in such a situation. This habit also helps to develop a more forgiving and tolerant personality which ultimately leads to a more wholesome and better way of living

Living more simply

It is not necessary to have the fastest car, the most expensive clothes, the biggest house or the best lifestyle. All these are superficial desires that only help to stoke the ego and create as well as maintain a specific social image in front of people. The true essence of life is to learn to live with simplicity and just about enough to get by. This also helps develop a personality within a person that is more grounded, in check with reality, and truly appreciative of the little things.

You can add a lot more to it! Stop drinking/smoking, visit your parents often, doing an online course, read a book, learn to bake and so on. Just remember that whatever you plan, try to make your 2021 better than your 2020.

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